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Recent Practice Points

Five Tips for Lawyers to Secure Family Time

By Kathleen Creamer and Cathy Krebs– February 24, 2020 | A few resources from the Children's Bureau to keep in mind while you advocate for visitation.

Six Tips to be a Better Children’s Lawyer from Youth with Lived Expertise

By Cathy Krebs – December 18, 2019 | These tips underscored a message the committee heard over and over—lawyers should not give up on any kid. Every child is worth fighting for.

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Government-Funded Discrimination in the Child Welfare System

By Cathy Krebs and Currey Cook – January 8, 2020 | The Trump administration is effectively removing existing nondiscrimination protection for beneficiaries and participants in scores of federal programs and explicitly allowing discrimination by providers.

Fighting Fear of Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies with Facts

By Marisol Garcia and Eliza Presson – December 12, 2019 | Advocates for children should make sure they understand not only the specifics of the public charge rule but also the broader climate of fear in which immigrant families are living.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Zealous Lawyers for Children: An Essential Part of the Child Welfare System

By Leslie Heimov | Leslie Heimov discusses why legal representation for children (and parents!) is essential within a child welfare system and how good representation helps a judge determine what is in the best interest of the child. (8:24 min)

Experts of Their Own Lives: Childrens' Participation in the Courtroom

By Erik Pitchal | Judge Erik Pitchal shares lessons he has learned about treating children as experts of their own lives and including them in court proceedings. (7:48 min)

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