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Recent Practice Points

Five Ways Attorneys Can Use Adolescent Brain Science to Guide Their Advocacy

By Sneha Barve – July 14, 2020 | The more science-based support youths receive during adolescence, the more likely they are to emerge into adulthood with healthy relationships and strong decision-making and coping skills.

Advocating for Special Education Services During COVID-19

By Marisol Garcia and Lisa Morrow – April 7, 2020 | Some information to help you get started advocating for needed services, documenting any regression, and preparing information to seek compensatory services after schools re-open.

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Privacy and Confidentiality Tips for Virtual Hearings

By Cathy Krebs – July 1, 2020 | A few considerations to keep in mind while you navigate the many logistical issues involved in remote court hearings.

Using Pro Bono Lawyers to Expand Access to Justice in School Discipline Cases

By Acena Beck – June 11, 2020 | Starting and maintaining a pro bono program, using volunteers outside of direct representation, and identifying and overcoming challenges

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Zealous Lawyers for Children: An Essential Part of the Child Welfare System

By Leslie Heimov | Leslie Heimov discusses why legal representation for children (and parents!) is essential within a child welfare system and how good representation helps a judge determine what is in the best interest of the child. (8:24 min)

Experts of Their Own Lives: Childrens' Participation in the Courtroom

By Erik Pitchal | Judge Erik Pitchal shares lessons he has learned about treating children as experts of their own lives and including them in court proceedings. (7:48 min)

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