Recent Practice Points

What You Should Know About Rose Tree Media School District v. G.S.

By Jessalyn Schwartz – January 28, 2019 | The Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision solidifies protections for homeless youth under McKinney-Vento.

How Lawyers and Judges Can Help to Prioritize Prevention

By Jessalyn Schwartz – December 17, 2018 | The Administration for Children and Families’ informational memorandum could help attorneys and others invested prevention efforts to effectuate meaningful change moving forward.


Can Children’s Attorneys Transform the Child Welfare System?

By William Booth, Angela Orkin, James Walsh, and John Walsh – January 15, 2019 | We believe that permanency-focused advocacy can dramatically improve the lives of our clients and the system as a whole.

The Collective Power of Youth

By Betsy Fordyce – January 15, 2019 | Foster youth–led organizing should be the strategy for system change. They are ready to use their voices; the best lawyers can do is listen, support, and follow their lead.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Zealous Lawyers for Children: An Essential Part of the Child Welfare System

By Leslie Heimov | Leslie Heimov discusses why legal representation for children (and parents!) is essential within a child welfare system and how good representation helps a judge determine what is in the best interest of the child. (8:24 min)

Experts of Their Own Lives: Childrens' Participation in the Courtroom

By Erik Pitchal | Judge Erik Pitchal shares lessons he has learned about treating children as experts of their own lives and including them in court proceedings. (7:48 min)

Children's Rights Litigation

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