Well Established but Often Forgotten: Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Employees

By John S. Adams – October 25, 2018 | Many courts will impose at least a duty of loyalty.

Interference with Economic Relations: A Comparative Analysis of American and Anglo-Canadian Approaches

By Marco P. Falco – October 25, 2018 | The breadth of the American approach has been criticized, but Anglo-Canadian jurisprudence has unnecessarily narrowed the tort.

Practice Points

District Court Assesses Interstate Commerce Nexus Under Defend Trade Secrets Act

By Jarred A. Klorfein – April 8, 2019 | The decision serves as a good reminder that practitioners seeking to bring claims under the DTSA in federal court must be careful to allege a sufficient nexus between the trade secret at issue and a product or service used in interstate commerce.

Do Fiduciaries of Fiduciaries Owe Duties?

By Ben Barnes – April 1, 2019 | The most important thing to consider in answering this question is whether the case involves an abuse of control by the potential fiduciary over the underlying entity’s property.


Gender Diversity With Mediators, Arbitrators and Expert Witnesses

Naomi Berry – January 24, 2019 | This program discusses the gender disparities in use of mediators, arbitrators and expert witnesses and strategies for improvement. (6:50 min)

Three-Day Rule Eliminated for Electronic Service

Make sure to correctly calendar your response deadlines under the most recent edits to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. You no longer get three extra days for electronic service. (3 minutes, 53 seconds)

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