Tips for Protecting Trade Secrets in the Face of Remote Workforces, New Technology, and Laid-Off Employees

By Jeremy Cohen, Marcus Mintz, and Erik Weibust – September 28, 2020 | As companies adapt to our rapidly changing circumstances, they may inadvertently place the protection of their trade secrets on the backburner.

Why Companies Must Ensure Their Non-Solicitation Agreements Are Fit for the Social Media Era

By Christopher W. Tackett – September 28, 2020 | When is “friending” a breach of contract?

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Tips for Leveraging the Cost Approach When Quantifying Damages in Trade Secret Litigation

By Jim Pampinella and Chris Schulte – March 16, 2021 | This method can inform the determination of a defendant’s unjust enrichment and serve as a starting point for determining a reasonable royalty.

Forensic Examination of Electronic Devices: Part 1

By Sarah Horstmann, Dawn Mertineit, and Antonio Rega – March 18, 2021 | While it may seem that thinking about forensic examinations is only necessary when a company is preparing to litigate, familiarity with forensics can help position your client before the need for a forensic examination arises.

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Key Considerations for Forensic Examinations

Seyfarth's Dawn Mertineit discusses the importance of forensic examination of electronic devices, as well as some key considerations to be aware of in planning and executing the analysis.

Does Remote Access Endanger Your Ability to Protect Your Trade Secrets?

Saiber LLC's Jack Losinger discusses the impact that the recent increase in remote access to sensitive business information may have upon an employer’s ability to protect its trade secrets, and provides four critical steps that companies should take in order to maintain the “protectability” of those trade secrets.

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