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Three Practical Insights from the May 2022 Webinar on Litigation Funding in Bankruptcy

By Steven Hilfer – October 20, 2022 | Financial and legal experts offer suggestions for obtaining litigation funding.

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Don’t Hesitate to Appeal an Order Denying Relief from an Automatic Stay

By Susan Golden – March 6, 2020 | The Supreme Court clarifies contradictory lower court decisions and upholds a 14-day time limit.

Sound Advice

Clawbacks in Bankruptcy: What Litigators Should Know

When a company begins to experience financial stress, payments to creditors frequently shift from regular terms to irregular terms. While these creditors may be within their rights under state law to accept these transfers from the company, they could find themselves having to return them if the company files for bankruptcy. In this Sound Advice, Shayna Steinfeld explains the bankruptcy concept of preferential transfers and also useful defenses to be aware of in case a preference action is brought against a client.

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Living Life Deliberately

This Sound Advice discusses how to live life deliberately and addresses the issues of: what is “success”? How does one define “success”?

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