November 28, 2018 Articles

From Appellate Practitioner to Author: So You Want to Write a Legal Novel

An interview with appellate lawyer and prize-winning fiction writer Cindy Tobisman.

By Mary-Christine Sungaila

Cynthia Tobisman, an appellate partner at Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, won the 2018 Harper Lee Prize for her novel Proof. The award, which was authorized by the late Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird) and is coproduced by the University of Alabama and the ABA Journal, is given to a book-length work of fiction that illuminates the role of lawyers in society and their power to effect change. Tobisman received the award at a ceremony held at the Library of Congress in association with the National Book Festival.

The Appellate Practice Journal caught up with Tobisman to ask her about her dual legal and fiction-writing careers and how the prize has impacted her. Mary-Christine Sungaila conducted the interview.

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