May 30, 2017 Articles

10 Tips for Developing an Appellate Practice as a Young Lawyer

Whether you’re fresh out of law school or have been practicing for a few years, an appellate clerkship is an unbeatable learning experience.

By Cheyenne Chambers, Paul Cox, and Emily McNee – May 30, 2017

Working on appeals can be a highly rewarding experience for a young lawyer. Often, though, associates at law firms are not exposed to appellate work early in their careers. In addition, the specialized practices and procedures that characterize appeals may be intimidating to the young lawyer. However, no matter your age or experience level, it’s never too early to develop a practice in appeals. All it takes is a good plan and execution.

As the cochairs of the newly formed Appellate Practice Subcommittee on Membership, Diversity, and Young Lawyers—and as young lawyers who practice appellate law ourselves—we have developed the following list of ways to cultivate a career in appellate law. 

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