August 23, 2016 Articles

Building an Appellate Clinic

A clinic founder shares the challenges and successes in building a clinic that combines federal intermediate appellate court and Supreme Court practice.

By Tillman J. Breckenridge – August 23, 2016

Reflecting on my first four years building the William & Mary Law School Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic (Clinic) into the mature program it is now, I can’t help but think of the myriad challenges we faced, and the help I got meeting those challenges. Without the support of 36 students (30 enrolled in the Clinic, and six research assistants over that time), our dean, and numerous other faculty, the Clinic could never have achieved its numerous successes. There are many sources of potential support, and to all the lawyers out there itching to put a clinic together but who do not have the time, there are ways in which you can be the support.

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