January 16, 2014 Articles

The Effects of Recent Technology Developments on Appellate Practice

This ain't your father's courtroom.

By Jason Patrick Kairalla and Justin S. Wales

Developments in technology have significantly impacted all phases of litigation. The following is a discussion of some important technological developments and their impact on appellate advocates’ practice.

Technology in the Trial Court
For appellate practitioners, it is important to understand and appreciate how technology has changed trial-court proceedings. From case inception, new technologies, including computer software and advanced online-research tools, assist litigators with fact investigation, case analysis and assessment, budgeting, and document management. In minutes, and from just about anywhere, litigators can access stockpiles of information about parties, attorneys, judges, experts, fact witnesses, and jurors. They can analyze and organize key documents, formulate strategies, generate case plans, and prepare cost estimates.

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