September 30, 2013 Articles

Book Review: Appellate Practice Compendium

A set of insider's guides to all of the appellate courts in the United States.

By Dennis Owens

Dana Livingston, editor
Appellate Practice Compendium
American Bar Association

This handsome boxed set is a project of the Council of Appellate Lawyers. That council is a function of the ABA’s Judicial Division (not the Section of Litigation). These books consist of “insider’s guides” to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit, the 12 territorial circuits, the armed forces appeals courts, and the appellate courts of each of the 50 states. Each guide is arranged in a functional manner, making the information quite accessible. Our study of the content of these guides confirms that they are completely reliable and presented with clarity. Particularly useful are the tips for out-of-circuit and out-of-state practitioners. We routinely practice in two state-court systems and handle federal appeals from courts in many states. For us, this compendium is a very valuable asset.

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