Recent Practice Points

Basketball Not Fundamental to Democracy

By Sanford Hausler – September 5, 2019 | In finding that a basketball coach was not a public figure for purposes of a defamation claim, a Minnesota appellate court noted that "basketball is not fundamental to democracy."

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Seventh Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Church Organist Discrimination Case

By Sanford Hausler – August 16, 2019 | The court found that the Catholic church organist fell within the First Amendment ministerial exception.

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Framing the Issue: Three Key Ingredients

By Robert S. Peck – December 19, 2019 | These three key ingredients will not guarantee success, but their absence almost always foreshadows failure.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Opposing Certiorari in the Supreme Court

By John P. Elwood – December 19, 2019 | Tips for maximizing the odds that no four justices will deem your case worthy of review.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Supreme Court Debates Application of the "Discovery Rule" to FDCPA Limitations Period

In Rotkiske v. Klemm, the Supreme Court is poised to decide whether the FDCPA’s limitations period can be enlarged by the "discovery rule.” The Court’s eventual ruling could have major implications for the FDCPA and beyond. In this Sound Advice, Mark Rooney (Consumer Litigation) and Anna-Rose Mathieson (Appellate Practice) discuss the central issues raised during the Court’s recent oral argument. (9:49 min.)

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State Postconviction Motions

Daniel Tibbitt reviews the process of litigating state post-conviction motions in criminal court, with a focus on Florida. (12:26 min.)

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