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Basketball Not Fundamental to Democracy

By Sanford Hausler – September 5, 2019 | In finding that a basketball coach was not a public figure for purposes of a defamation claim, a Minnesota appellate court noted that "basketball is not fundamental to democracy."

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Seventh Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Church Organist Discrimination Case

By Sanford Hausler – August 16, 2019 | The court found that the Catholic church organist fell within the First Amendment ministerial exception.

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Tips on Tone: Finding the Right Voice in Briefs

By Jeffrey Y. Wu – August 26, 2019 | It’s not just about the law and the facts—striking the right tone with the court can make all the difference.

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Expanding the Record on Appeal: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

By William Feldman – August 26, 2019 | Federal appellate courts generally cannot consider new evidence on appeal, but several important exceptions exist.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

State Postconviction Motions

Daniel Tibbitt reviews the process of litigating state post-conviction motions in criminal court, with a focus on Florida. (12:26 min.)

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Tips to Finish Strong with an Effective Appellate Reply Brief

Many litigators squander the great opportunity to have the last word in the reply brief. Follow these tips, presented by Nicholas Brown, to finish strong and maximize your chances of winning. (8:12 min.)

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