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“Major Question” about the Future of the Administrative State

By Jennifer Fischell – September 22, 2023 | The Supreme Court relied on the major questions doctrine to reject the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program.

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The Mandate Rule: Determining and Enforcing Compliance with the Reviewing Court’s Mandate

By Katayoun A. Donnelly – September 22, 2023 | The mandate rule, a corollary to the law of the case doctrine, requires judicial and administrative bodies to comply with the mandate of the appellate courts that reviewed their orders.

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Practice Points

Justice Kagan’s Top Tip for Highly Effective Advocacy

By James Azadian – April 21, 2023 | “Recognizing the true heart of your case and the most important argument to make is the greatest skill a litigator can have.”

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Sound Advice

How to Build Out Your Appellate Client Base

Attorney Dana M. Hrelic walks through appellate marketing strategies. We discuss contact management, how to get the most out of your organizational commitments, and knowing your audience. (17:57 min.)

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Top Three Recent SCOTUS Cases You'll Use in Your Appellate Practice

Professor Josh Blackman brings you the top three bread-and-butter SCOTUS cases from recent terms that likely will impact your appellate practice, if you let them. (8:50 min.)

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