Recent Practice Points

Court Orders Cardinal Sheen’s Remains Moved from NYC to Peoria

By Sanford Hausler – March 7, 2019 | The bishop of Peoria is attempting to have him be declared a saint.

Right to Appeal Waived Despite Lack of Specific Sentence Recommendation

By Sanford Hausler – March 5, 2019 | The Seventh Circuit held that the defendant’s lawyer “unmistakably” advocated for a below-guideline sentence.


Storytelling and the Law: Crafting a Compelling Narrative

By Ariel Green – February 22, 2019 | Tell a story to grab the judges' attention, and listen to your computer read that story back to you before filing.

Advisory Mandamus: Getting Novel Issues Decided Without a Final Judgment

By Sanford Hausler – February 22, 2019 | Recent cases shine light on an underused form of interlocutory appeal.

Sound Advice Podcasts

As an Advocate, Welcome Questions from the Bench and Use Them to Win Your Appeal

Everyone fears getting a question during oral argument to which they do not have a good answer. Experienced appellate advocates welcome questions and use them to advance their argument. (8:30 min.)

Optimizing Technology for Appellate Practice

Practical advice for practitioners on how to use technology to achieve efficiencies in preparing appellate briefs and appendices. (15:58 min.)

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