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Antitrust Litigation

Practice Points

What you need to know in a quick-to-read format. Find all of Antitrust Litigation Committee’s Practice Points in this archive.


The Same Coin? Two-Sided Markets in the U.S. and EU
By Benjamin Nagin, Iva Todorova, and Kristina Gliklad – January 31, 2023
As digital and other markets involving “platforms” that simultaneously interact with more than one group of customers have grown into a key part of the global economy, literature emerged regarding “two-sided” or “multi-sided” markets.

Key Considerations Regarding Insurance Coverage for Antitrust Disputes
By David A. Gauntlett – January 31, 2023
Express coverage for antitrust lawsuits arises under various policy forms that do not expressly reference antitrust tort.


Ninth Circuit: No Formal Motion for Reconsideration Motion Needed to Toll 23(f) Deadline
By Adam E. Polk – September 26, 2017
The suit alleges that a pharma company sold an aphrodisiac supplement that was not approved by the FDA.

DOJ Issues New Corporate Compliance Guidelines
By Wick Sollers and Dan Sale – March 30, 2017
The new compliance guidance will serve as an important reference point for evaluating whether compliance programs measure up to the expectations of enforcement authorities.

Using a Consulting Expert’s Assistance to Take Effective Depositions
By Jonathan Couchman – March 13, 2017
A good consulting expert can help you prepare for deposition success.

Preparing Your Damages Expert for Trial
By Brent Bersin – March 10, 2017
Damages experts can be the key to winning a case.