Antitrust Litigation

About the Committee


The goal of the Antitrust Litigation Committee is twofold: First, to promote, develop and enhance the skills of litigators practicing in the specialized areas of antitrust, trade regulation, and unfair competition law; and second, to provide valuable resources to more general litigators whose practices may intersect with antitrust law and who are seeking to learn more about the practice of, and developments in, the area of antitrust law more broadly. We aim to provide a forum for meaningful networking and the exchange of ideas, while also offering litigation and trial resources of broad appeal to all litigators’ practices.  For the seasoned antitrust attorney and new practitioner alike, we will focus on litigation aspects of antitrust law—from procedural issues to class actions and MDL proceedings, to use of experts and antitrust trials, as well as emerging legal developments such as the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust law. The Committee provides a unique networking forum and practice resource for litigators that primarily (or just periodically) handle and try antitrust cases.

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