Three Circuits Say Shady Grove Requires American Pipe Tolling for Serial Class Actions: Are They Right?

By Brian Troyer – July 31, 2017 | A significant shift in the landscape of class litigation leaves it more favorable to plaintiffs in the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits.

After Concepcion, Arbitration Agreement Validity Hinges on State Law

By Jeffrey Salas – July 31, 2017 | Lower courts have recently sought to narrow the perceived broad scope of the Supreme Court’s rulings.

Practice Points

Ninth Circuit: No Formal Motion for Reconsideration Motion Needed to Toll 23(f) Deadline

By Adam E. Polk – September 26, 2017 | The suit alleges that a pharma company sold an aphrodisiac supplement that was not approved by the FDA.

DOJ Issues New Corporate Compliance Guidelines

By Wick Sollers and Dan Sale – March 30, 2017 | The new compliance guidance will serve as an important reference point for evaluating whether compliance programs measure up to the expectations of enforcement authorities.


Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives on the Implications of the First Circuit’s Asacol Decision

By Britta Stamps and Brad Bodamer – December 12, 2018 | Britta Stamps and Brad Bodamer offer the defendants' perspective on the First Circuit's recent class certification decision in the In re Asacol antitrust litigation, while Adam Polk and Scott Grzenczyk provide insights on the decision from the plaintiffs' side.

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