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New Zealand Promotes ADR in Its New Trusts Act

By S.I. Strong – November 13, 2019 | In adopting these provisions, New Zealand joins a number of other trust-friendly jurisdictions that are adopting trust arbitration while putting its own unique stamp on the issue.


California Supreme Court Rules on Timing for Requesting Arbitration

By Carolyn G. Burnette and Casey M. Curran – October 31, 2019 | The court held that requests for costs under California Code of Civil Procedure section 998 are timely if raised within 15 days of an arbitrator’s final award.

Connecticut’s Evolving Jurisdiction Issues in Construction Arbitration

By Raymond A. Garcia – October 31, 2019 | A review of the progressive erosion of the finality of arbitration decisions under the Connecticut Arbitration Statute applicable to disputes between contractors and the state of Connecticut because of perceived deficient notice of claim.

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Preparing For Your First Arbitration Pre-Hearing

By Joan Stearns Johnsen – November 6, 2018 | Arbitration advocacy is the same as litigation advocacy and completely different. The Pre-Hearing Conference is the first opportunity to interact with your panel. Here are some tips so that even if it is your first arbitration pre-hearing conference, the panel will not know it. (3:24 min)

Should You Take Discovery Before Mediating?

By Joan Stearns Johnsen – November 6, 2018 | How much is enough? The earlier you mediate the greater the savings for your client. How can you take just enough so your settlement is rational and your client is happy. (2:35 min)

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