Admiralty Litigation

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Class-Wide Arbitration
By David Y. Loh – May 6, 2019
SCOTUS rules that it this form of arbitration is only available when clearly set forth in a contract.

Federal Preemption Upheld in Dismissal of Lawsuit Filed against Car Carriers in New Jersey State Court
By David Y. Loh – April 26, 2019
It remains to be seen if MBUSA will appeal this decision, but federal preemption will be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Federal Court in California Confirmed Chinese Arbitration Award
By David Y. Loh – April 26, 2019
It remains to be seen if MBUSA will appeal this decision, but federal preemption will be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska Introduces Amendment to Death on High Seas Act
By David Y. Loh – April 22, 2019
It is likely the cruise industry and entrenched marine interest will lobby to block this bill from becoming law.

Second Circuit Refuses to Enforce Mandatory Arbitration Clause in Warranty Agreement
By David Y. Loh – March 11, 2019
This case is entirely consistent with traditional concepts in contract law, but the result is nevertheless surprising.


“Recycled Annuities” a Bad Alternative for Funding a Structured Settlement
By Stephen R. Harris – December 17, 2018
When considering a structured settlement, brokers, attorneys, judges, and settlement claimants are best served by a structure that is tax free and funded by a highly regulated and rated insurance company.

What Is a “Mary Carter” Agreement?
By Dave Y. Loh and William A. Lesser – November 9, 2018
Learn whether they are valid and enforceable and how they can be used to effectuate settlement.

Tips for Handling Letters Rogatory
By Alexander Selarnick – May 2, 2018
They may sound simple, but, in practice, they require careful attention to detail and can be time-consuming and costly.

How to Respond to a Trade War
By David Loh and Chris Raleigh – March 21, 2018
Contractual implications of the imposition of trade tariffs.

What Is a Maritime Contract?
By Douglas W. Truxillo – February 28, 2018
Fifth Circuit en banc decision clarifies, simplifies and mystifies.


Third Circuit Reverses Rule Permitting Piecemeal Review of Seafarer’s CBAs
By Raz Barnea – December 21, 2017
Tips from the Joyce decision, for labor attorneys and attorneys for shipping employers alike.

Suicide Attempt Compensable under the LHWCA
By Nicholas J. Cenac – November 30, 2017
The case arose from an accident in which a ship laborer fell from a barge to a dry dock landing on a steel floor.

Fifth Circuit Rules in Oil Pollution Act Case
By Phil Brickman – June 30, 2017
The court confirms that a responsible party under the OPA may recover purely economic losses from a jointly liable third party through contribution.

Three Tips for Stepping Outside of Your Jurisdiction
By Amanda Lorenz – April 30, 2017
Do yourself and your client a favor: Take the time to learn the rules.


Fifth Circuit Addresses Charterers’ Authority to Subject Vessel to Maritime Lien & Scope of Choice of Law Provision
By Phil Brickman – April 30, 2016
The case is World Fuel Services Singapore PTE, Ltd. v. M/V Bulk Juliana.

The COGSA $500 Package Limit Does Not Apply to On-Deck Cargo
By David Y. Loh – February 29, 2016
Practitioners should be aware of the specific wording of the ocean carrier’s bill of lading.

Admiralty Products Liability and the Economic Loss Doctrine
By Jody D. McCormack – January 29, 2016
What to do when the only damage is economic damage to the vessel itself.