Admiralty Litigation


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Sound Advice

Determining Coverage under the LHWCA
A brief description of what is required for a maritime worker to obtain benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.

Recoverable Damages Involving a Slip or a Pier
Admiralty litigator David Loh cites cases that create the precedent for these damages to be reimbursed at the total replacement cost rather than at a depreciated rate.

Accrual and Payment of Maintenance and Cure Obligations
Learn about seaman status and how it impacts maintenance and cure obligations.

Outer Continental Lands Act
Admiralty litigator Sid Degan explains the original purpose of the Outer Continental Lands Act and how it is applied today.

A Definition of Seaman Status
Expert litigator Sidney Degan begins the Admiralty Litigation Committee’s series on seaman status by examining the Supreme Court’s ruling in Chadris.

Three Recent Decisions Addressing Seaman Status
Listen to Sidney Degan in the third installment of the series on seaman status as he reviews three recent cases that are important to the definition.

Explanation of Jones Act Seaman Status
Determining who is eligible for seaman status under the Jones Act can be difficult. Litigator Arley Harrel gives us an in-depth look at issue in the Naquin v. Elevating Boats case.