The Path to a Successful Mediation

By Sally Shushan – November 1, 2018 | While litigants may have had a contentious relationship prior to mediation, they need to prepare for mediation with a view toward ending the litigation by agreement.

A Primer on the Limitation of Liability

By Douglas W. Truxillo – October 31, 2017 | A convenient checklist of the process when the decision has been made by the vessel owner to bring an action.

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Practice Points

Supreme Court Strikes Down Class-Wide Arbitration

By David Y. Loh – May 6, 2019 | SCOTUS rules that it this form of arbitration is only available when clearly set forth in a contract.

Federal Preemption Upheld in Dismissal of Lawsuit Filed against Car Carriers in New Jersey State Court

By David Y. Loh – April 26, 2019 | It remains to be seen if MBUSA will appeal this decision, but federal preemption will be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

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Sound Advice

Determining Coverage under the LHWCA

A brief description of what is required for a maritime worker to obtain benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.

Recoverable Damages Involving a Slip or a Pier

Admiralty litigator David Loh cites cases that create the precedent for these damages to be reimbursed at the total replacement cost rather than at a depreciated rate.

Admiralty Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Admiralty Litigation committee and maximize your Section membership!