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Access to Justice


Learn while you’re on the go. The Access to Justice Committee’s recordings can be found on this archive page.

Sound Advice

Pro Bono Opportunities
James D. Abrams gives a brief overview of the need for pro bono services and opportunities to provide such services. (7:04 min.)

Best Practices in Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants
Former Pima County Superior Court Judge Karen Adam discusses the increase in self-represented litigants and what it means for the legal system as a whole. (11:06 min.)

Marketing Your Low Bono Firm
Lawyers are all familiar with the idea of pro bono but more and more attorneys are working on "low bono" agreements. Aastha Madaan and Nicole Abboud discuss low bono and how it can help build your firm. (11:01 min.)

Indigent Clients
Longtime litigator Larry Fox discuss how indigent clients are in reality no different from conventional clients and deserve the same level of representation. (06:20 min.)

Law Firms: Work Pro Bono or Simply Donate Money?
What is the right thing to do with regard to pro bono cases? Section of Litigation Access to Justice cochairs Lauren Waller Smith and Ed Mullins discuss how law firms can offer the most help. (7:21 min.)

Tips for Representing Claimants before the Social Security Administration
Most organizations have specific cultures and processes. Larry Baline, former senior attorney for the Social Security Administration, explains the ins and outs of representing clients before the Social Security Administration – including the five step process to be awarded social security benefits. (10:06 min.)

The Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
Representing veterans can create unique issues. Janet Totter outlines the specifics of the SCRA and who is covered. (11:06 min.)


Protecting Yourself When Providing Limited Scope Representation
The speakers will provide a professional malpractice insurer’s perspective on limited scope representation (also known as limited scope or discrete tasks representation). The presentation will help lawyers to identify ethical and professional “mines” and to avoid professional liability issues when providing unbundled legal services or limited scope representation. Click here for the program materials. (60:40 min.)


The information on “Sound Advice” is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the opinions of the ABA. The information is not legal advice nor a substitute for legal counsel.