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Our mission is to ensure that traditionally underrepresented groups work  at every level of the Section and to advance our position as a leader in  the ABA-wide effort to build a legal community that reflects the wider communities we serve.

Recognizing that diversity enriches us as individuals and as a profession, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to

  • setting Section-wide expectations for an inclusive culture;
  • supporting inclusion and retention efforts that focus on traditionally underrepresented groups;
  • learning from and applying best practices of other institutions and industries;
  • measuring the Section’s successes and shortcomings, consistently assessing the committee’s own impact;
  • challenging the status quo when necessary; and
  • communicating the committee’s mission, the action it requires, and the success it promises.

The Litigation Section recognizes that building a supportive, inclusive community of lawyers where every individual in the Section is given the opportunity to succeed is only the first step.