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University of Wyoming Legal Services Program

Dept. 3010
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071
Telephone: (307) 766-2104
Fax: (307) 766-4823

50% Children's Law
Does Not Use Volunteer Attorneys

The Legal Services Program of the University of Wyoming (UWLSP) was established in the early 1970's to provide training to law students as part of the law school's curriculum. Approximately seven students each year receive academic credit for their participation in the Clinic. The Clinic handles 70 cases for children every year. UWLSP remains the state's primary pro bono legal provider for juvenile issues, including representation of parents in juvenile court and appointment as guardian ad litem on behalf of children involved in the child welfare system.

Clients are referred from the Juvenile Court, social service agencies, schools, health care professionals and attorneys in the community. The Clinic is staffed by one attorney. The Clinic does not handle impact litigation at this time.

Wyoming Children's Law Center

Cheyenne, WY 82001
Telephone: (307) 632-3614

Wyoming Children's Law Center (WCLC) was founded in 2009 to advocate for the legal rights of children through policy advocacy, legal representation and education. The Center's Mission is to improve legal outcomes for children. WCLC utilizes a model that includes an attorney/social worker team that provides a holistic approach to problems with emphasis on empowering families and helping them navigate legal issues and the collateral problems these issues create as well as utilizing service systems in proactive ways.

Low income families may qualify for free assistance provided through existing legal aid funding and WCLC also offers a graduates fee based on income to ensure access to all families with the need for specialized help. The Center provides Guardian ad litem services for contested cases across the state, education advocacy to assert special education rights or assist children in expulsion hearings and other urgent assistance when there is an emergency impacting a child's well-being, a need for immediate legal assistance and no other option for legal services. The Center also works on juvenile justice policy reform and provides some legal services in the area of juvenile justice. WCLC also provides training and support to lawyers who represent children in Wyoming.

Wyoming Guardians Ad Litem Program

Rogers Building
316 West 22nd Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Telephone: (307) 777-7480

The Wyoming Guardian ad Litem Program is a state and county funded division of the Wyoming Office of the State Public Defender that provides attorney guardian ad Litem (GALs) for children in juvenile court. Attorney GAL's appointment is mandatory in all abuse/neglect juvenile court cases and discretionary in child in need of supervision and delinquency juvenile court cases. The GAL Program also provides representation to children in termination of parental rights and appeal cases that arise out of the three types of cases listed before.

The attorney GAL's client is the child. Attorney GALs, in Wyoming, represent children in the hybrid model of representation where they represent both what the child wants and what is in the child's best interests, unless the child in a CHINS or delinquency proceeding has a direct attorney, then the attorney GAL represents only the child's best interests. The attorneys are required to meet with the children and their caregivers, conduct an independent investigation, work cooperatively with the juvenile court team, as well as zealously advocate for their clients. More information on the Program's history, the attorneys we contract with/employ and what is required of each of the attorney GALs can be found on the program's website.