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Child & Family Advocacy Clinic

Willamette University

245 Winter Street SE
Salem, OR 97301

The Child & Family Advocacy Clinic is devoted to the protection of children and families across the country and around the world. The faculty and students work to advance legal protections that provide stability to the family structure and nurture children's healthy development, as well as pro bono legal representation to individual children and families in crisis. Students in the Child and Family Advocacy Clinic have the opportunity to represent family members in family law matters such as adoptions, guardianships, dissolutions, child custody and parenting time, paternity, education advocacy cases, impact litigation, and law reform. In addition to gaining experience interviewing clients and witnesses, drafting legal documents, formulating legal strategies, and conducting legal research, factual investigations, and discovery, certified law students also may have the opportunity to make courtroom appearances and conduct depositions.

Youth, Rights & Justice

401 NE 19th Ave., Ste. 200
Portland, OR 97232
Telephone: (503) 232-2540
Fax: (503) 231-4767
Email: [email protected]

100% Children's Law
Does Not Use Volunteer Attorneys

Youth, Rights & Justice, formerly the Juvenile Rights Project, began as part of Multnomah County Legal Aid in 1975. Attorneys and law students represented youth in delinquency cases in Multnomah County Juvenile Court and in a class action against the MacLaren Training School, a state juvenile correctional facility.

By 2011, Youth, Rights & Justice had represented 50,000 individual children, youth and parents in the juvenile court system, including the Multnomah County Juvenile Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Juvenile Psychiatric Security Review Board, and in other venues, including local school districts.

Youth, Rights & Justice is court-appointed to represent children in foster care, parents in the child dependency system and youth in the juvenile court system. YRJ represents individual clients in the Multnomah County (Oregon) Juvenile Court, the Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court. The organization also represents youth under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Juvenile Psychiatric Security Review Board and the SchoolWorks program serves children and youth who are involved in the juvenile court system and advocates for their educational rights and needs.