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Care Advocacy Project

Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc

4200 Perimeter Center Dr., Ste. 222
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Telephone: (405) 943-6457
Fax: (405) 917-7060

65% Children's Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys

OILS is a legal aid office that provides civil legal services to low-income Native Americans in Oklahoma. It began through a law firm and is still associated with that firm. OILS provides services to people in five general areas: children's issues, property, tribal sovereignty, housing, and property. 10 staff attorneys and 4 paralegals also utilize law students and volunteer lawyers, and they represent approximately 150 children a year. Clients are referred from juvenile court, social service organizations, other attorneys and tribes. Training is provided for volunteers. The office also handles impact litigation.

OILS has partnered with the American Bar Association's Child Custody and Adoption Pro Bono Project to present standards and education regarding children's representation in tribal courts. As a result of this partnership, OILS conducts trainings on the ABA standards for representation in divorce, guardianship and adoption cases as they relate to Indian children. CAP seeks to train attorneys in the guidelines, and to make sure that tribal courts are aware of the standards and use them when children are involved. OILS also publishes The Indian Child Welfare Act: Case and Analysis. It is updated annually and is one of the few national resources for case information in this fast-changing area of Indian law.

OILS does work with pro bono lawyers.

Oklahoma Lawyers for Children

4901 Richmond Square, Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Telephone: (405) 232-4453
Fax: (405) 232-4145
Email: [email protected]

100% Children's Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys

The Oklahoma Lawyers for Children (OLFC) began in 1997 by a group of private attorneys. Staff work with volunteer attorneys and non-attorney volunteers to provide representation to children in abuse and neglect cases, guardianships, adoptions, and special education for fos

Tulsa Lawyers for Children, Inc.

P.O. Box 2254
Tulsa, OK74101-2254
Telephone: (918) 425-5858
Fax: (918) 382-0350
Email: [email protected]

100% Children's Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys

Tulsa Lawyers for Children (TLC) began in the spring of 2000 and recruits, trains and provides ongoing assistance to volunteer attorneys representing children in abuse and neglect cases. Tulsa Lawyers receives a case when a juvenile judge determines the need for an attorney other than the Public Defender (who is automatically appointed to every case unless there is a conflict) and at that time a volunteer lawyer is assigned. Lawyers interested in volunteering should contact the office.

TLC has a manual prepared by the organization's Director of Program and Professional Services which is updated before each training. The manual includes information on juvenile law statutes, procedures applicable to abuse and neglect cases, the role of the child welfare agency, and the role and duty of a child's attorney.

Calls are accepted from the children and the public for the sole purpose of referrals to appropriate agencies.