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Advocacy Inc.

6301 Fourth NW, Ste. 3
Albuquerque NM 87107
Telephone: (505) 266-3166 / (866) 257-5320
Fax: (505) 254-2559

Advocacy Inc. is a non-profit agency protecting and promoting the interests of at-risk children and youth in New Mexico by providing low or no cost legal advocacy and support services. Advocacy provides guardianship, adoption, and guardian at litem legal services. Advocacy provides direct representation to children orphaned or living with people other than their parents, children who are victims of abuse or neglect, children of incarcerated or institutionalized parents, exploited teenagers, and teenagers involved in the juvenile justice system.

Since 1986, Advocacy has provided Guardian ad Litem services for all children who are subjects of cases alleging abuse, neglect or abandonment in the Second Judicial District. The Guardian ad Litem represents the best interests of the child during the judicial process to determine a proper course of action to provide adequate care for the child. Advocacy recruits attorneys in the Bernalillo County/Rio Rancho area who are interested in helping children by providing legal services at substantially reduced rates as set forth by the Administrative Office of the Court. Each attorney completes an initial eight hour training course; is assigned a mentor, and participates in regular training.

Corinne Wolfe Children's Law Center

University of New Mexico School of Law

1117 Stanford Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Telephone: (505) 277-5006
Fax: (505) 277-7064

The Corinne Wolfe Children's Law Center (CLC) is a center at the Institute of Public LawUNM School of Law, working to enhance the knowledge and skills of the many professionals and volunteers who work in the child abuse and neglect and juvenile justice systems. It was established in December 1997 by memorandum of understanding between the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Institute, upon the recommendation of the New Mexico Supreme Court Foster Care Task Force. Named in honor of the late Corinne Wolfe, a lifelong advocate for New Mexico children and families, the CLC is overseen by a steering committee that includes judges, attorneys, CYFD personnel, volunteer advocates, and AOC and Court Improvement Project personnel.

Pegasus Legal Services for Children

3201 4th St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Telephone: (505) 244-1101
Fax: (505) 244-0060

Founded as a non-profit in 2002, Pegasus Legal Services for Children is a legal resource for children, youth, their caregivers and the community concerning the legal rights and needs of children and youth. It provides services to children and parents in the areas of education law, child abuse and neglect, and guardianship.

Pegasus represents children and youth in foster care as guardians ad litem for children up to age 14, and as attorneys for children 14 and older. In the area of education, Pegasus represents families seeking to enforce their children's right to appropriate public education, prioritizing children with disabilities. Pegasus also advocates for the education needs of children in foster care.

Pegasus provides a range of legal services to kinship caregivers around the state. The Guardianship Legal Helpline, a project of Pegasus and Law Access New Mexico, is a statewide legal helpline that provides information, advice, and assistance to self-represented litigants in kinship guardianship cases. Pegasus also provides full service direct legal representation in contested guardianship cases in many parts of the state.

Youth Law Project: The Pegasus Youth Law Project provides legal representation to youth age 14-23 on a range of legal issues including family law for young parents, access to health and mental health care, and helping youth transition from foster care to adulthood. Pegasus prioritizes services to youth who are homeless, parents, or transitioning from foster care.

Pegasus also conducts policy advocacy to ensure that children's needs are addressed in areas such as access to public benefits including health and mental health care. And Pegasus provides training and community legal education to the community throughout the year in a variety of settings. Speakers are available to come to schools, social service agencies, shelters, or any venue where children, youth and adults are interested in learning about the legal rights of children.