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The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation Committee is one of nearly 40 practice areas open to all members of the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation. Joining the committee entitles a member to a number of benefits. The committee’s leadership is made up of experienced bankruptcy litigators from the United States and Canada, working to keep bankruptcy litigators fully up-to-date on the substantive and procedural aspects of bankruptcy litigation—both in the bankruptcy courts and in state or federal courts to the extent affected by bankruptcy and insolvency laws—including the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques in bankruptcy, the impact of bankruptcy on pending complex civil litigation, and ethics.

To accomplish this goal, the committee provides its members with these benefits:

  • Bankruptcy Litigation, our e-newsletter;
  • networking opportunities with leading practitioners;
  • discounted CLE programs;
  • invitations to substantive meetings and social events;
  • opportunities to write for committee publications, speak on committee panels, participate in the activities of our subcommittees; and
  • Roundtable discussions on current topics.

Message from the Chairs

Dear Committee Members,

Welcome to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation Committee webpage. We’re excited to start another year with a strong and dedicated committee! The focus of our Committee is to offer helpful advice, practical knowledge, and programs about issues that are important to bankruptcy and insolvency litigators. To that end, we are committed to provided our members with at least one benefit each month (e.g., a newsletter, a Roundtable, a Sound Advice piece, monthly Committee call).

To keep our committee strong, we would love to have each of you become more involved in the Committee, and there are many ways to do so. We invite you to propose a Sound Advice piece (5–10 minute audio piece), a Roundtable program (30–60 minute conference call about a specific topic), a Practice Point (short piece giving practical guidance to practitioners) or an article (longer substantive piece about an interesting or important topic). Our goal this year is to publish two newsletters, one in Spring 2024 and one in Fall 2024, so if you have ideas for Practice Points or articles, please let us know and we’ll plan to include your piece in one of our newsletters. Roundtables and Sound Advice pieces are also great ways to show your expertise to other ABA members and to reach broader audiences through the Section and the ABA in general. In addition, attending one of the Litigation Section meetings during the year will allow you to connect and network with other professionals in our industry.

Be on the lookout for information about our first monthly committee call as well as information about upcoming events, including CLEs, Roundtables, and Sound Advice pieces. We are pleased and excited to lead such an active and engaged committee, and we look forward to another great year. Please feel free to reach out to either of us if you would like to discuss an idea or get more involved at the outset.

James "Jim" McClammy and Siobhan Briley

Cochairs, Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation Committee




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