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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee focuses on the education, use of and continued development of all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, summary jury trials, mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, collaborative processes, as well as effective settlement and negotiation techniques. The use of alternative dispute resolution in  the litigation process (both pre-suit and post-judgment) is examined, and the committee sponsors numerous programs to enhance the advocate’s skills in these procedures.

Message from the Chairs

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you!

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee is an active and vibrant committee that seeks to provide its members with information and advice which can be useful in your practice. We also strive to provide opportunities for members to participate in a meaningful fashion and to provide networking opportunities in our community, as well as in the larger Section of Litigation.

We also invite you to get involved in the ADR Committee. Whether you are a new lawyer or a seasoned veteran, there are many ways to do this. One of our best channels of involvement is our Newsletter, which comes out four times a year. It is featured on our Committee’s webpage.  We are also always looking for legal or “how-to-do-it” articles, practice points, and “news and development” pieces that report on recent events, new statutes or judicial decisions.  Publishing your work can be a great way to raise your professional profile in the legal community and increase your marketability as an attorney or neutral. We have editors who will help you, so don’t worry about perfection. If you have an idea, we can help you develop it and bring it to fruition.

Second, we invite you to join one of our subcommittees to become a more active Committee member. Also, if you have the interest, we would encourage you to think about consideration for a leadership role.  Our Subcommittees include:

Functional Subcommittees

  • Sound Advice: This committee arranges for podcasts of 5 to 20 minutes on topics of interest.
  • Roundtable: This committee organizes webinars and discussion panels that feature guest speakers on topics of interest.
  • Membership: This committee focuses on attracting new members to the ADR Committee.
  • Newsletter: This committee assists the editor in sourcing and creating content for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Website: This committee assists the editors in sourcing and creating content for the website.
  • Programs: This committee helps create programs for the Litigation Section Annual Conference and the ABA Annual Conference and joint programs with other committees.

We look forward to working with you during this Bar Year! Please email the Committee’s Co-Chairs (Henry R. Chalmers, Rita M. Aquilio, and Eric R. Harlan) and let us know what you are interested in!

Warm regards,
Eric Harlan
Kelly Overstreet Johnson

Web Editors
Mitchell L. Marinello

Newsletter Editor
Brian Harvey


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  • Diversity
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  • Mediation
  • Membership
  • Social Media and Young Lawyers
  • Securities (Vacant)
  • Settlement Counsel
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