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Lawyers' Professional Liability

312-988-5755 | For lawyers seeking assistance in finding a professional liability insurance carrier; analyzing legal malpractice policy coverage, and learning what to do if in case of special coverage problems. Call the hotline to talk to a member of the Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability staff: 312-988-5755

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Please note: if you are looking for legal help, please visit Calling these hotlines will not help you find legal assistance.


Lawyer Assistance Programs

A listing of lawyer assistance programs in the US, Canada and Europe for lawyers, law students and judges with issues related to alcohol or drug dependencies, clinical depression, stress, gambling, marital and other domestic problems and other personal problems.

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Lawyer Referral Services

Directory listing bar-sponsored lawyer referral services, which matches clients to private lawyers who are able to help with their legal concerns.

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Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance Carriers

State-by-state directory listing liability insurance carriers meeting the legal malpractice needs of lawyers.

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Paralegal Education Programs

Online directory of ABA-approved paralegal education programs for specialized training as a paralegal.

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Pro Bono Programs

Nationwide directory of pro bono programs.

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