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Winter 2017

Vol. 20 No. 1  

Lawyer Referral

Legal Delivery

LRIS: From the Chair

With the new year comes the addition of a new member to the Lawyer Referral community. ABA Staff Counsel Tori Jo Wible joins the LRIS family following in the footsteps of Jane Nosbisch, former Senior Staff Counsel to the Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral Services. Tori Jo not only will serve the LRIS Standing Committee and LRIS programs nationwide, but also will continue to serve as Chief Counsel to the Standing Committee on Group and Prepaid Legal Services and the Indigent Defense Advisory Group.

Legal Delivery

Implementing a Strategic Plan for Your LRIS

For both short term and long term success of your LRIS, developing a road map or strategic plan that blends the vision for your program with timed objectives can be a critically useful tool to define the direction of your LRIS. A strategic plan can help enhance your credibility with your internal constituencies, such as your executive director and governing committee, and allow you to readily communicate why certain activities make sense.



The Future Is Here

In February 2015, the authors were part of an IOLTA workshop panel on the legal futurism movement. Two others joined us: William Hubbard, Past ABA President who, in 2014, appointed the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services; and Wayne Robertson, Executive Director of the Law Foundation of British Columbia. Mr. Hubbard talked about the legal profession being at an inflection point, as the way lawyers work is changing fundamentally.

Pro Bono


Refusing to Leave Child Immigrants to Chance

So claims one of the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland’s (PBRC) volunteer lawyers, Denise Ferguson, a solo practitioner and frequent volunteer with PBRC’s Unaccompanied Children Pro Bono Project (UAC Project). She could not be more emphatic about the importance of the UACP work. Yet, the window of opportunity to assist these children to permanently escape the ravages of their home, including gang violence and parental abandonment, abuse, and neglect may be closing.


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