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Fall 2016

Vol. 19 No. 4  



Grantee Spotlight - Pursuing Justice for Victims of Labor Trafficking

Since 2014, Friends of Farmworkers, which receives grant funds from the Pennsylvania IOLTA Board, has identified and served over 100 victims of human trafficking in Pennsylvania. Without a dramatic rise in gang activity, prostitution rings, or international smuggling cartels in the state, how did a civil legal aid provider with just ten staff members become a leading advocacy organization for trafficking victims in such a short time?

Lawyer Referral

Pro Bono

Pro Bono

Pro Bono: From the Chair

I hear expressions of anxiety everywhere I go. Conservative lawyers, liberal lawyers, non-lawyers, clergy, and elected officials all declaring how bewildered they are by the condition of the world in which we live. Terrorist attacks abroad and at home, violent acts committed by law enforcement officers and against law enforcement officers, and the acrimonious discourse of our public dialogue have left us all wondering if this old world of ours is coming unraveled.

Pro Bono

Inspiring a Lifelong Commitment to Pro Bono

Legal aid attorneys across the country work tirelessly, day after day, to serve low-income and underrepresented individuals and families in need of legal services. But the need outpaces the availability of these critical services, which is where pro bono attorneys come in: by volunteering their time and unique expertise, pro bono attorneys can help fill in the gaps, and their impact for their legal aid clients can be life-changing.

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