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June 15, 2014 Dialogue

News and Notes

Colorado Adopts IOLTA Rate Comparability

On June 17, 2014, the Colorado Supreme Court entered an order adopting IOLTA interest rate comparability, effective immediately. Colorado is the 34th U.S. jurisdiction to implement interest rate comparability, which requires that all lawyers hold IOLTA accounts only in financial institutions that pay those accounts the highest interest rate or dividend generally available to other customers of the institution when IOLTA accounts meet the same minimum balance or other qualifications. Assistance in exploring, drafting, and implementing an IOLTA interest rate comparability requirement is available through the Commission on IOLTA and National Association of IOLTA Programs Joint Technical Assistance Committee, contact Bev Groudine, Commission Counsel or call 312/988-5771 for more information.


New Executive Director Named at the Florida Bar Foundation

Bruce Blackwell was named the executive director of the Florida Bar Foundation in May 2014. He was a founding partner of King, Blackwell, Zehnder & Wermuth P.A. in Orlando and a past president of the Foundation. Prior to becoming president, Mr. Blackwell served on The Florida Bar Foundation's board for 10 years and the Florida Bar Board of Governors for four years. He is also a past president of the Orange County Bar Association.

Mr. Blackwell has been the recipient of numerous awards including the American Bar Association's Pro Bono Publico Award, the ABA's Grassroots Advocacy Award, the Florida Bar Foundation's Medal of Honor Award, The Orange County Bar Association's William E. Trickel, Jr. Professionalism Award, and the Florida Council of Bar Associations Presidents Outstanding Voluntary Bar President Award. He received his BA from Florida State University and his law degree from FSU College of Law, graduating with honors.

Mr. Blackwell replaces Jane E. Curran, who served as executive director of The Florida Bar Foundation since 1982 and is a former president of the National Association of IOLTA Programs, as well as a former member of the ABA Commission on IOLTA. She now serves as executive director emeritus of the Florida Bar Foundation. In praise of Ms. Curran's service, Mr. Blackwell said: "Jane Curran has given us a tremendous legacy on which to build and we all owe her a great debt. The Florida Bar Foundation will work to honor that legacy while adapting to the many changes that have come our way."