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December 01, 2020

Working with a Lawyer

The information in this section outlines the basics of the legal profession and explains the role of a lawyer. It also helps you determine when you need a lawyer, explains the various types of lawyers, helps point you in the right direction to find one, and lays out some important considerations, such as determining whether a lawyer is right for you and how much it may cost you.

In this section, you can find information relating to:

Information About Lawyers
Finding a Lawyer
When Things Go Wrong
Fees and Expenses

If you have determined that you need a lawyer’s help, visit our Directory of Programs to find one in your area who specializes in working with military families.

Content in this section has been adapted from a former ABA publication, "Complete Personal Legal Guide: The Essential Reference For Every Household," from the ABA Division for Public Education and Legal Eagle handouts prepared by Mark E. Sullivan (COL, USAR – Ret.). For more information on military legal assistance and working with an attorney specifically for military families, visit:

A special thanks to Steve Lynch and Myra McKenzie for reviewing the content and providing valuable insights and to the ABA Young Lawyers Division; the ABA LAMP Committee; and the ABA Division for Public Education.

IMPORTANT: The materials included on this website are for informational purposes and not intended as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the use of the information from our site or the links from our site to other servers. Military personnel and their family members who are entitled to legal services through a military legal assistance office are encouraged to meet with a military attorney to obtain further help with these matters. For information on eligibility and locations of military- and civilian-provided legal assistance, visit our Directory of Programs.