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November 01, 2018

Voting Rights

My “State of Legal Residence” is Georgia, but I am currently stationed in North Carolina. I am registered to vote in Georgia. Do I have to change my voter registration to North Carolina?

As with taxation issues, you are entitled to retain your right to vote in your State of Legal Residence (in this case, Georgia). You do not have to change your registration. Check with Georgia on the rules for absentee voting by members of the military. Your unit should have a voting assistance officer who can help you find the answers. The SCRA extends these rules to spouses of servicemembers.

You do have the right to change your voter registration to the state where you are currently stationed. But be careful if you make this choice: The state where you are newly registered to vote may consider voter registration as a evidence that you now consider it to be your State of Legal Residence – entitling it to tax your income. You may want to talk with a military legal assistance attorney before changing your voter registration. Again, you should try to keep your home of record for tax purposes consistent with where you vote, register your vehicles, etc.