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January 14, 2021

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

The information in this section covers the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and the protections and rights available to active-duty servicemembers and their families under this federal law. The SCRA is a powerful law that ensures that those who have devoted themselves to service do not have to face unique legal burdens. All military members and their dependents should be aware of situations where the SCRA can be of benefit.

In this section, you can find information relating to:

Overview of the SCRA

SCRA Protections Available in Legal Proceedings

Other Benefits and Protections Under the SCRA

How the SCRA Applies to Taxation and Voting Matters

Special Considerations in Family Law

Enforcing Your Rights Under the SCRA

If you have determined that you need a lawyer’s help, visit our Directory of Programs to find one in your area who specializes in working with military families.

Content in this section has been adapted from "A Judge's Benchbook for the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act" by Colonel John S. Odom, Jr. and published by the ABA in 2011, along with "The Judge Advocate General's School Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act," published by the ABA in 2007.

For more information on the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, visit:

A special thanks to Steve Lynch, LTC Duncan Aukland, LT Alan Fowler, and Sarah Sharp Theophilus for reviewing the content and providing valuable insights, and to the ABA Young Lawyers Division; the ABA LAMP Committee; and the ABA Division for Public Education.

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