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December 03, 2020

Support Orders Across State-Lines/Overseas

An Iowa court entered our child support order, but my ex-husband was just moved to California. Will the order still be enforceable against him in California?

Yes. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) applies in all states and provides that a child support order issued by one state may be registered in another for the purpose of enforcing the order against the payer. You will have to “register” your Iowa order with the courts in California by sending a letter and copies of the order.

How is child support determined overseas?

Child support procedures can be very different in other countries; it is difficult to summarize all the differences here. It is best to work with a legal assistance attorney to find a local family law attorney in your country.

Can a court in another country enforce child support orders?

Yes, but only if the order itself was issued by that court or an order has been registered or filed with that court for enforcement. If, for example, a German court originally issued the support order, then that court can proceed to enforce it.