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For more self-help legal information and referral assistance for this state, visit Washington Law Help.

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Servicemembers and their families may access free legal assistance at these offices. See our Working with a Lawyer publication for more details on eligibility.

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These programs provide free civil legal assistance, but your eligibility for services may be limited based on your income. These organizations may or may not have military-specific services. Contact these programs for more details on eligibility. In the search box, type your state, county, or city to find local programs.

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These programs will connect you to a lawyer who charges for legal services. Some attorneys with these programs, however, may offer discounted initial consultations or may charge reduced fees based on your income. Contact these programs for more information. In the search box, type your state, county, or city to find local programs.

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These are programs designed to assist members of the military with legal matters. See the specific details on the services provided.

Military Legal Assistance Offices:

Fairchild AFB
1 E. Bong St. Suite 103 [Bldg 2285]
Spokane, WA 99011
Phone: 509-247-2838, DSN 657-2838
Visit Fairchild AFB Website

Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Lewis Main Legal Assistance Office
Building 2027-A Liggett Ave.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433

McChord Field Legal Assistance Office
Building 100, Col. Joe Jackson Blvd.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433

Phone: 253-477-1873/253-982-0689
Visit Joint Base Website

USCG Seattle
Commander 13th Coast Guard District
915 Second Ave.
Seattle, WA 98174
Phone: 206-220-7110
Visit USCG Seattle Website

NAS Whidbey Island
NLSO NW Branch Office Whidbey Island
3530 N. Langley Blvd.
Oak Harbor, WA 98278
Phone: 360-257-2126, 820-2126
Visit NAS Whidbey Island Website

Naval Shipyard Puget Sound
NLSO Northwest
365 South Barclay BLdg 433
Bremerton, WA 98314
Phone: 360-476-2156, 439-2156
Visit Naval Shipyard Puget Sound Website

NAVSTA Everett
NLSO NW Branch Office Everett
2000 W Marine View Drive
Everett, WA 98207
Phone: 425-304-4551, 727-4551
Visit NAVSTA Everett Website

NSB Bangor
NLSO NW Branch Office Bangor
1001 Tautog Circle
Silverdale, WA 98315
Phone: 360-396-6003, 744-6003
Visit NSB Bangor Website

Military-Specific Programs:

Washington State Bar Association
1325 4th Ave., Ste 600
Seattle, WA 980109-2539
Visit Bar Association Website

Washington State Bar Association LAMP Section works with various organizations throughout the state and nation to promote and support legal assistance to Veterans and active-duty military, reserve, guard members and their families. In the fall 2010, the LAMP Section donated funds to support the work of the Northwest Justice Projects Veterans Pro-Bono attorney, Lauren Peach (recipient of the Justice AmeriCorps Veterans Fellowship).

LAMP has been working to extend outreach efforts to non-attorneys who work and provide legal services to military personnel and veterans. This effort has resulted in the changing of the section’s bylaws to allow non-attorneys and law students to become members of the LAMP Section. LAMP also works to involve law students by coordinating outreach to state law schools.