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New Jersey

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Servicemembers and their families may access free legal assistance at these offices. See our Working with a Lawyer publication for more details on eligibility.

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These programs provide free civil legal assistance, but your eligibility for services may be limited based on your income. These organizations may or may not have military-specific services. Contact these programs for more details on eligibility. In the search box, type your state, county, or city to find local programs.

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These are programs designed to assist members of the military with legal matters. See the specific details on the services provided.

Military Legal Assistance Offices:

(ARC) McGuire
514th AMW/JA
2226 Grissom Road
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
Phone: 609-754-2778, 609-754-2778

McGuire AFB
2901 Falcon Lane [Bldg 2901]
Wrightstown, NJ 08641
Phone: 609-754-2010, 650-2010
Visit McGuire AFB Website

Fort Dix
McGuire Air Force Base Legal Office / Tax Office
Bldg 2901
Wrightstown, NJ 8640
Phone: 609-754-4601, 609-754-4601
Visit Fort Dix Website

Fort Monmouth
Monmouth, NJ 7703
Phone: 732-532-4371

Fort Dix Joint Readiness Center
Army Support Activity (ASA) Dix Joint Readiness Center (JRC) Legal Section
5631 Baltimore Street
Fort Dix, NJ 08640
Phone: 609-562-6578

TRACEN Cape May Legal Office
USCG Training Center
01 Munro Ave
Cape May, NJ 08204
Phone: 609-898-6902
Visit TRACEN Cape May Legal Online

NWS Earle
NLSO NC Branch Office Earle
201 Highway 34 South
Colts, NJ 07722
Phone: 732-866-2066, 449-2066
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Military-Specific Programs:

New Jersey State Bar Association
Military Legal Assistance Program
Christina Pateman, Legal Affairs Associate
Jena Morrow, Legal and Government Affairs Paralegal
One Constitution Square
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 1-888-541-1900
Visit New Jersey State Bar Association Website

The Military Legal Assistance Program is a pro bono program established by the New Jersey State Bar Association in October of 2006, through its Military Law & Veteran’s Affairs Section, in conjunction with McCarter & English, LLP.

To be eligible for the program you must:

1. Be a New Jersey resident;
2. be a member of the reserve components of the armed forces;
3. called to active duty and deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan since September 11, 2001; and
4. legal matter for which assistance is requested must relate to service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Military Legal Assistance Program offers legal assistance to eligible military personnel in four areas:

  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Debtor-Creditor Law
  • Medical Evaluation Board cases

Military Assistance Project
Legal and Financial Services for Military Personnel
2005 Market Street, Suite 1930
One Commerce Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-557-3550
Fax: 215-557-3551
Visit Military Assistance Project Website
Types of Cases Accepted: Military personnel in need of legal help with bankruptcy matters may contact the Military Assistance Project (MAP). MAP’s pro bono services are designed to counsel, to aid, and when necessary, to represent military personnel in need of legal assistance pertaining to bankruptcy.