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Directory of Programs


Military Legal Assistance Offices

Visit the U.S. Armed Forces Legal Assistance Locator to locate the nearest military legal assistance office (click on "Advanced" and "Accept"). Servicemembers and their families may access free legal assistance at these offices. See our Working with a Lawyer publication for more details on eligibility.

Legal Aid and Pro Bono Programs

Visit to locate programs that provide free civil legal assistance. These organizations may or may not have military-specific services. Contact these programs for more details on eligibility.

Lawyer Referral Programs

Visit the Lawyer Referral Directory to locate programs that can connect you to a lawyer who charges for legal services. In the search box, type your state, county, or city to find local programs. Some attorneys with these programs, however, may offer discounted initial consultations or may charge reduced fees based on your income. Contact these programs for more information.

Military/Veteran Specific Programs

If programs are listed below, they are designed to assist military members and/or veterans with legal matters. See the specific details and contact these programs for more information. Also visit nationwide programs.

ABA Free Legal Answers
If you can't afford a lawyer, ABA Free Legal Answers may be able to help. For most civil (non-criminal) legal questions, if your state participates, click on "Select the state where you live" and click on your state to ask a question.
For VA benefits, discharge upgrades, or other veteran-related legal questions: Choose "ABA Federal" in the "Select the state where you live" dropdown menu to ask a discharge upgrade or VA-related question, and receive an answer from an attorney.

Missouri Attorney General's Military Legal Assistance Team
The Military Legal Assistance Team of the Missouri Attorney General's Office provides free legal representation to assist qualifying servicemembers in asserting their rights under federal and state law; combats predatory commercial practices which target military personnel and veterans; provides education to the public on the military and the legal protections available to them; and conducts legal assistance clinics for veterans and retirees. Find further details on the website.

Military Matters
Military Matters is a program that strives to fill the gap in legal services available to military service members and veterans living in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, specifically for those who reside in or have a home of record and legal issue in one of these nine counties: (1) Cass County, MO; (2) Clay County, MO; (3) Jackson County, MO; (4) Johnson County; MO (5) Lafayette County, MO; (6) Platte County, MO; (7) Ray County, MO; (8) Johnson County, KS; and (9) Wyandotte County, KS.
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