ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network

For Veterans

ABA VCAN—Veteran Participation

The ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network (ABA VCAN) connects unrepresented veterans with volunteer attorneys who help complete and submit the veteran's initial disability benefits claims to the VA. Once these claims are fully developed by the volunteer attorneys, the VA will review and rate claims, and the veteran will hopefully receive the disability compensation benefits they have earned and deserve.


You are eligible to participate in ABA VCAN if you are:

  • A U.S. veteran,
  • Need help to prepare an INITIAL disability benefits claim for submission to the VA, and
  • Not currently represented by a Veterans Services Organization (VSO), attorney, or other agent for this claim. 

ABA VCAN does NOT help with the following:

  • Disability compensation claims if you already submitted your disability claims to the VA;
  • Disability compensation claims if you are already represented by a Veterans Services Organization (VSO), attorney, or other agent for the claim;
  • VA disability appeals;
  • Other VA benefits, such as VA pension benefits, VA healthcare, military retirement benefits, education and vocational benefits, and others; or
  • Other legal issues, such as discharge upgrades.

Please note: ABA VCAN only facilitates the connection between you and a volunteer attorney; our staff will not be your lawyer, does not provide any legal advice or representation, and we are not responsible for how your case is handled by any lawyer. No income eligibility restrictions are imposed on veterans applying for VCAN services; however, volunteer attorneys who have income eligibility caps for their pro bono work will be referred only veterans who meet those caps.

You must provide the following in the online or phone intake application:

  • Use this special code to access the application online: VCAN2
  • Your personal contact information
  • Your military service and status
  • The types of claim(s) you currently have pending with the VA and/or VA disability benefits you are currently receiving
  • Detailed description and summary of the disability for which you currently want to seek disability compensation from the VA
  • Financial information (optional)
  • Documents related to your disability (optional)
  • Signed ABA VCAN Application Acknowledgement Letter

Use code VCAN2 when you apply online.

Due to staff changes, VCAN is temporarily not accepting new cases. Please visit this website again in the coming weeks for an update. In the meantime, view other available resources.

Questions & Answers:

If you are an eligible veteran, click here for further information about ABA VCAN's services, what to expect, and how to apply.

I am a veteran, but I am not eligible for VCAN participation. What other resources are available to help me?