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Volunteering with the ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network (VCAN)

Many of our nation's veterans who have been wounded and disabled as a result of their military service must wait too long to receive the disability compensation benefits they have earned and deserve. You, as a lawyer, can volunteer to help.

The ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network (VCAN) provides a unique, limited-scope pro bono volunteer opportunity for lawyers to help veterans with the preparation and completion of initial claims for disability compensation benefits, resulting in their claims receiving expedited review by the VA. To learn more about how VCAN works, please visit our FAQ Page.

When you register to join our roster at the link below, you may indicate any additional areas of law beyond VA benefits matters for which you may also like to assist military personnel. Join our roster today!

Take 4 simple steps to volunteer:

  1. Register with VCAN.

  2. Apply for and receive VA accreditation.

  3. Complete the ABA VCAN VA Benefits Claim Training Webinar CLE.

  4. Read, sign, and submit to VCAN the ABA VCAN Volunteer Attorney Accreditation, Training, and Readiness Pledge Form.

FREE VA Benefits Claims Training CLE

To participate with ABA VCAN, you must complete the ABA VCAN VA Benefits Claim Training Webinar. Complete this free course after you receive VA accreditation. This training is a qualifying CLE for VA accreditation purposes.

Please visit the CLE training page for further information.

Documents and Resources for Volunteers

VA Forms and Links: