ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network

VA Benefits 101 and Cultural Competency Training

This CLE is designed to educate attorneys about the VA claims process. During the first 3-hour portion, attendees will learn about the following; representation before the VA; eligibility for VA disability compensation benefits; claims procedures, including establishing service connection; Fully Developed Claims (FDCs); the new VA appeal process; and dependency and indemnity compensation and pensions. The later portion of the CLE on cultural competency will give attorneys the proper skills and knowledge to represent military members, veterans, and their families in an efficient and effective manner.

Coco Culhane, Director, Veterans Advocacy Project, Urban Justice Center, NY, New York
Nancy Morgan, Director of Legal Operations, Finkelstein & Partners, LLP, NY, New York
Art Cody, Deputy Director, Veterans Defense Program, New York State Defenders Association, NY, New York

VA Benefits 101 and Cultural Competency Training

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Viewing this recorded program will qualify for the 3-hour CLE requirement for VA accreditation. However, the content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) state accreditation. You will not receive state CLE credit for watching this webinar. The ABA did not host this program, so the ABA cannot assist with any CLE accreditation issues. The ABA will not provide a CLE certificate for watching this recording. Learn more about notifying the VA about CLE training.