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Our Directory of Programs can help you find legal help. Focused on those resources and programs specializing in helping military families, the Directory will help you find legal services in or near your community. Each state-by-state listing details any income or service-based restrictions. This is the first stop military families should make when shopping for an attorney.

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Military Family Resources

Military families have legal rights above and beyond civilian families. In our Information Center you can find easy-to-understand information about a variety of legal issues military families face every day. From custody issues to dealing with your mortgage company while deployed, to even deciding when you need a lawyer in the first place, theses resources will help you understand the law as it applies to you.

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Lawyers - Want to Help?

Military Pro Bono Center

The Military Pro Bono Center facilitates pro bono opportunities for attorneys looking to volunteer their time to help military families. You can sign up to provide both pro bono legal assistance through our case referral system or lawyer-to-lawyer consultations for military attorneys in need of legal information relating to your area of expertise. Whatever time you can give, we have opportunities available!

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