June 19, 2018 Notices of proposed standards changes and reponses to proposed standards changes

Notice and Comment

February 2018

  • Standard 306. Distance Education
  • Standard 307. Studies, Activities, and Field Placements Outside the United States
  • Rule 53. Applications, Decisions, and Recommendations Made Public

February 22, 2018, Memo and Drafts of Proposed Revisions

December 2017

  • Revisions to Standards and Rules necessary to accomplish the merging of the Accreditation Committee and the Standards Review Committee into the Council.

December 15, 2017, Memo and Drafts of Proposed Revisions

November 2017

  • Standard 205. Non-Discrimination and Equality of Opportunity
  • Standard 206. Diversity and Inclusion
  • Standard 303. Curriculum
    Standard 304. Simulation Courses, Clinics, and Field Placements
  • Standard 503. Admissions Test
  • Standard 601. Library and Information Resources, General Provisions
  • Rule 3: Accreditation Committee Responsibility and Authority
  • Rule 5: Site Evaluations
  • Rule 10: Notice of Accreditation Decision by Other Agency
  • Rule 14: Actions on Determinations of Noncompliance with a Standard
  • Rule 22: Council Consideration of Recommendation of Accreditation Committee
  • Rule 23: Council Consideration of Appeal from Accreditation Committee Decision
  • Rule 24: Evidence and Record for Decision
  • Rule 25: Decisions by the Council
  • Rule 34: Teach-Out Plan
  • Rule 52: Disclosure of Decision Letters

November 17, 2017, Memo and Drafts of Proposed Revisions

April 2018 Hearing
Transcript - April 12, 2018

Standards 205 and 206

ABA Commission on Disability Rights and Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Ave Maria School of Law
Council of Christian Colleges and Universities
Regent University School of Law

Standards 303 and 304

Clinical Legal Education Association

Standard 306

Vermont Law School

Standard 501 and 503

American Indian Law Center
R. Lawrence Dessem
Kevin K. Washburn
Christina B. Whitman
AccessLex Institute
Seton Hall University School of Law
Minority Network
Interested Admissions Deans and Directors
Educational Testing Service
Robert A. Williams Jr.
Bradley J.B. Toben
Clinical Legal Education Association
Deans Miller, Chemerinsky, Rodriguez, and Farnsworth
Daniel B. Rodriguez
Benjamin Brown

Standard 601

Society of Academic Law Library Directors
American Association of Law Libraries

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