List and Protocol of the Legal Education Discussion Groups/Lists

Section of Legal Education Listservs

Open to members of ABA-Approved Law Schools, our exclusive and complimentary discussion lists provide valuable opportunities to engage with your peers and others who share your professional interests. Learn about new developments in your specific area of interest while connecting with and learning from others who face similar day-to-day challenges.

LEAP-ABAQUESTIONNAIRE: For users of the ABA Annual Questionnaires

LEAP-ASSOCIATE-DEANS: For associate and assistant deans at ABA-approved law schools

LEAP-CAREER-SERVICES: For users of the ABA Annual Questionnaires and Employment Data

LEAP-DEANOFSTUDENTS: For deans of students at ABA-approved law schools

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Protocols for all lists, including the Deans' list. 

Accessing Archived Messages 
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ABA Questionnaire

Adjunct Faculty

Associate Deans

Career Services

Deans of Students

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