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ABA Announcements: Articles of Interest, Pro Bono and Public Interest Program Listings Updates, and ABA Law School Disability Programs Directory Call for Updates

ABA Journal Article of Interest

In case you missed it, the ABA Journal recently published an article, “Consider Teaching Law in Business School as an Alternative Career,” by Section member and Professor Emeritus George Siedel. Siedel is the Williamson Family Professor Emeritus of Business Administration and the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emeritus of Business Law at the University of Michigan. He also published an article in the Summer 2020 issue of Syllabus on the topic of teaching leadership responsibilities. 

To view the ABA Journal article, click here.

Update Your Pro Bono and Public Interest Programming Directory Listings

The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service and the Center for Pro Bono maintains a directory of information on law school pro bono and public interest programming at all ABA Accredited law schools. They are in the process of updating the format of the directory, including the information collected and the survey for collecting such information. They are asking all ABA accredited law schools to take the new survey so that they can update all information on the directory. To make updates to your directory listing, you can take the survey here:

You can also view your current listing and answers by going to the directory page and clicking on your school. The directory can be viewed here:

If you have any questions about the Directory, feel free to contact [email protected].

ABA Law School Disability Programs Directory Call for Updates

The ABA Commission on Disability Rights has recently updated its Law School Disability Programs Directory, a unique state-by-state directory that provides listings for each ABA-accredited school that feature information relating to disability services offices; accommodations; accessibility; disabled student organizations; courses, clinics, and externships that address disability rights; etc. This directory serves as an important resource for current disabled law students, as well as prospective students who are considering which schools provide the supports and services they need, a sense of belonging, and an inclusive environment in which to thrive and succeed.

This resource provides each law school with an opportunity to highlight all the things they are doing to serve and support disabled students, as well as students interested in pursuing a disability-focused practice area. Please review the information provided on your school and email any questions, revisions, and additions to Staff Director Amy Allbright at [email protected].

The specific information they are looking to include is:

  • Name, brief description, and contact information (mailing address, phone/fax, email) for any disability services/accommodations office relevant to law students. NOTE: We are no longer including the names of individuals who serve as the contacts for the office since these often change unless that is the only contact available.
  • Name, brief description, and direct webpage link (where available) for any currently-active clinics or other experiential learning opportunities that specifically focus on disabled people, disability rights, or mental health.
  • Name, brief description, and direct webpage link (where available) of externships with organizations or agencies that focus on disability rights.
  • Name, brief description, and direct webpage link (where available) for any courses that directly address disability rights, disability law, mental health rights and laws, or related issues, and which are either currently being offered or have been within the past two years.
  • Name, brief description, direct webpage link (where available), and contact information (general email, rather than those for specific students) for any currently-active disability- or mental health-focused (NOT WELLNESS) student organizations.
  • Name, brief description, direct webpage link (where available) for other specifically disability-focused opportunities, projects, or centers.
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