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From the Section Director: Section Spotlight-Committee Opportunities

Erin Ruehrwein
Section Director

Did you know that the Section offers valuable leadership opportunities to serve on committees that focus on program development, publishing, and resources for adjunct faculty? In addition, it has committees that take the lead in planning its Law School Development and Associate Deans Conferences.  Each year, the Section appoints new members to these committees. Serving on Section committees presents a valuable opportunity to have an impact on important legal education resources, activities, and products, as well as an opportunity to network with your colleagues. Below I describe the missions of our Section committees.

If you are interested in serving on a Section committee, please contact me at: [email protected] by August 15, 2021.

Adjunct Faculty Committee

This committee provides a forum for law schools to discuss ways to better recruit, train, mentor, and supervise adjunct faculty, and to provide a focus within the Section for discussion of issues that are of particular interest to adjunct faculty.

To view the current committee roster, click here.

Conferences & Programming Committee

This committee leads the Section's conceptualization, planning, organization and implementation of workshops and conferences. It also serves to identify new program and webinar topics.

To view the current committee roster, click here.

Publications Committee

This committee guides the Section's publishing program, working to produce new editions of current publications and new publications.

To view the current committee roster, click here.

Law School Development Conference Committee

This committee focuses on planning the Law School Development Conference, which delivers programming on fundraising in the law school setting for law school deans, faculty, and development officers.

Associate Deans Conference Committee

This committee is charged with planning the Associate Deans Conference, which covers topics including work-life balance, becoming a dean, management, supporting teaching and scholarship, budgeting, crisis management, and assessment, among others. 

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