ABA Presidential Appointments Process

Presidential Committee Appointments Process – Nominations Due February 21, 2020

The ABA presidential committee appointments process for the Association year beginning September 1, 2020, is now open. The ABA has approximately 100 standing and special committees, commissions, and task forces focused on the Association’s core goals of: 1) serving our members; 2) improving the profession; 3) eliminating bias and enhancing diversity; and 4) advancing the rule of law.

Each year, terms expire for approximately one-third of the committee members. To submit a nomination, visit the online application found at http://ambar.org/appointments. We invite you to self-nominate or nominate someone else. The website will include a list of committees along with links to more information about each entity. Recommendations must be received by February 21, 2020 for consideration. Please note that ABA membership is required for service on ABA entities. The only exception is membership on commissions where non-lawyer experts are allowed to serve. Applicants can join the ABA by visiting https://www.americanbar.org/membership.  

In furtherance of ABA Goal III and in partnership with the ABA Diversity and Inclusion Center, we particularly encourage our members from diverse backgrounds to consider applying for a presidential appointment. You may also voluntarily complete the following Goal III Presidential Appointments Form. The form collects information (e.g. your name, demographic information etc.) that the Diversity and Inclusion Center will include on a diverse presidential nominee list that it will support and share with the Appointments Committee to strengthen your nomination. Any questions about the Goal III Presidential Appointments Form can be sent to Safaya.Fawzi@americanbar.org.

Please note that providing the requested demographic information is voluntary and, per ABA’s Privacy Policy, is deemed “sensitive personally identifiable information” that will not be included in membership directories or registration lists, or otherwise be shared publicly. It will only be shared with the ABA Appointments Committee to help facilitate increased diversity and inclusion for FY 2020-21 Presidential Appointments. 

If you have any questions about the committees, the appointments process, or what serving on a committee entails, please contact Danielle Norwood, 312.988.5122, in the Office of the President.