October 01, 2016

Standards Review Committee Actions

The Section’s Standards Review Committee met on Saturday, September 10 in Chicago. The committee reviewed a number of proposals for changes to the ABA Standards for Approval of Law School and Rules of Procedure that had been approved by the Council for notice and comment, including a proposal regarding Standard 316 relating to bar passage outcomes that a school must maintain to be in compliance with the Standard.

After discussion, the committee unanimously voted to recommend to the Council that it adopt the proposal on Standard 316. As the meeting materials detail, that proposal would accomplish several important reforms and improvements to assist the Council and its Accreditation Committee in assuring that schools are offering sound programs of legal education and operating sound admissions policies. The Council will consider the matter at its October 21-22 meeting.

Other matters reviewed and recommended for adoption by the Council included proposals for modification to Standards 204 (Self Study), 303 (Curriculum), 501 (Admissions).

Approximately two weeks prior to the October Council meeting, the open session agenda materials will be posted here. They will include a memorandum reporting these recommendations and providing background and discussion.