April 01, 2016

Plan to Attend an Upcoming Section Conference

Bringing together law school deans and development professionals to learn, collaborate and discuss the changing philanthropic landscape, new development approaches and best practices, you will not want to miss Fostering Engagement and Engagement in a Time of Change.

The conference kicks off with a welcome reception and keynote dinner roundtable discussion on Tuesday, May 31st moderated by Dean Deanell Tacha of Pepperdine University School of Law and featuring Dr. John Sexton, President Emeritus, New York University, and Kurt Schmoke, President, University of Baltimore. 

There is little about legal education that is not in transition right now. Associate Deans are all adjusting to similar challenges and opportunities across the nation. How do law schools respond to the new accreditation requirements and innovate in curricular design with decreasing resources? How do law schools educate a changing student population that is also facing increasing student debt loads and a legal job market that looks very different from when you graduated? How are you managing the shifting demands on your academic programs, student services, and faculty research? Don't go it alone. Join your fellow associate deans in Minneapolis, June 16-19, for a rich discussion on Adapting to a Changing Landscape.