April 01, 2016

ABA's Monthly Google Hangout

Join the ABA each month for 10 Questions Live with lawyers who have forged non-traditional career paths. Past and upcoming programs include:

Jeff Seder: Want to live your dreams? Hear how this attorney turned his passion for horses into a practice involving thoroughbred racehorses.
February 25, 2016.

Beth Heifetz: As the country’s top judicial clerk recruiter, this attorney has a knack for spotting new legal talent. Would you catch her eye?
March 25, 2016

Julianne Walsh: Don’t let a resume gap stop you. This BigLaw lawyer turned stay-at-home mom turned hi-tech lawyer knows how to navigate mid-career changes.
April 2016 (Date & Time TBD)

Phyllis Frye: From Eagle Scout to transgender activist, this groundbreaking judge has found success and happiness on her own terms.
May 2016 (Date & Time TBD)

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