Site Evaluation Workshop Information

2020 Site Evaluation Workshop

2020 Site Evaluation Virtual Workshop Materials

August 26, 2020
2020 Agenda Book

Session Recordings

Welcome and AALS Presentation
Bill Adams and Barb Studenmund

Preparing for the Site Visit and Writing the Site Report (Site Evaluators)
Ed Butterfoss and Stephanie Giggetts

Preparing for the Self Study and the Site Visit (School Representatives)
Bill Adams and Mary Lu Bilek

Using the Dashboard
Ken Williams

Faculty: Ed Butterfoss
Students: Genevieve Ferraro and Stephanie Giggetts
Organization and Administration: Steve Bahls  (Session not recorded)
Program of Legal Education: William Adams 
Information Resources, Technology & Facilities: Scott Pagel (Session not recorded)

During/After the Visit, Role Play
Mary Lu Bilek, Camille deJorna, and Scott Pagel