Notices of Sanctions, Specific Remedial Action, Probation, and Application

Public Notice

Rule 48 of the ABA Standards and Rules for Approval of Law Schools sets out the circumstances under which the Council or the Managing Director shall provide public notice of sanctions, specific remedial action, probation, applications for approval, acquiescence in a substantive change, variances, teach-out plan submissions and the decisions on the applications.

Moreover, in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education regulation 34 CFR 602.26 (and 34 CFR 602.27(a)(6) and (a)(7)) applicable to recognized accrediting agencies, and the Department’s November 17, 2016 letter clarifying that regulation, when the Accreditation Committee concludes that a law school is significantly out of compliance with ABA Standards pursuant to Rule 11(a)(4), the Council is required to post a letter describing the basis for such adverse action. 

The link below for adverse action will take you to the decision letters for those matters as well as the procedures for each type of action. The remaining links will take you to the lists of applications and decisions as well as the procedures for each type of application.

Rule 47(a) provides that a law school may make public a decision or recommendation of the Council as long as it follows the requirements set forth in the rule.

Adverse Actions

Rules 11-15

Applications for Substantive Change

Standard 105
Rules 24-26

Applications for Variances

Standard 107
Rule 28

Applications for Approval

Standards 102 and 103
Rules 22-23

Teach-Out Plans

Rule 29