Law School Fees

Schedule of Law School Fees

Fees are set by the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar under the authority of Rule 2(h) of the ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools

September 1, 2020– August 31, 2021

Schedule of Fees

Annual Fee Based on Enrollment:
FTE JD Enrollment: 400 or less: $19,810

FTE JD Enrollment: 401-600: $22,235

FTE JD Enrollment: 601- 800: $26,365

FTE JD Enrollment: 801-1200: $28,850

FTE JD Enrollment: 1201 or more: $32,130

Approved Teach-Out Plan:  $5,000

Annual Fee for Each Approved Foreign Program:
Foreign Summer/Intersession Program: $1,000
Semester/Year Abroad Program: $1,000

Applications for Approval
Application for Provisional Approval (each application): $100,000

Application for Approval of Foreign Program:
Foreign Summer/Intersession Program: $1,000
Semester/Year Abroad Program: $1,000

Other Applications
Request for Variance under Standard 107 and
Rule 28: $1,000

Applications for Acquiescence in
Post- or Non-JD Program: $6,000

Application for Acquiescence in
Other Substantive Change: $10,000

Internal Operating Practices No. 17:
Guidelines for Reimbursement of Site Evaluators and Fact Finders

All reasonable and necessary expenses of members of site evaluation teams and fact finders shall be reimbursed by the visited institution as follows:
(a) Transportation - All necessary transportation on the basis of coach class airfares and ground transportation expenses.
(b) Lodging and Meals - Hotel or motel sleeping rooms at a reasonable cost, including a meeting room when necessary for the work of the site evaluation team or fact finders. Meals shall be reimbursed on a reasonable basis.
(c) Incidentals – Gratuities and miscellaneous items shall be reimbursed. Long distance telephone calls related to the site visit shall be reimbursed.